A Guide to Successful Combination Skincare – Even Out Your Oily and Dry Skin Effectively

We all want to avoid oily and too dry skin, but a lot of us suffer from both of them. The skin covering your forehead, nose, and chin (popularly called the T-zone) may be oily with large pores. But on the cheeks you have dry skin. This is when you need to follow advice for combination skincare.

First of all you need to avoid things that cause increased imbalance in the skin. This can be things like skin creams with mineral oil, alcohol and chemicals. They are too harsh on the skin and promote blemishes and dryness.

Avoid cleansers that contain alcohol and chemicals. Even though they make your skin feel good initially, in the long term they just increase the problem. They make your skin produce even more oil to compensate what it has just lost.

Instead use all natural skincare products. It can be wise to moisturize all parts of your facial skin, because even oily skin can be dry underneath the surface and be craving some nourishment.

A good moisturizing face cream for combination skin contains ingredients that help regulate the oil production so that both dry and oily skin gets improved. The ingredients Maracuja and Jojoba oil have shown to help with that.

To reduce oily skin even more, treat it deeply with a face mask once a week. It should be purifying, cleansing, and nourishing. Look for a mask containing kaolin clay, bentone gel, and nourishing ingredients like active manuka honey.

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Treat drier or normal skin deeply with a hydrating face mask once a week, to make it deeply moisturized and glowing. Ingredients perfect for this are rigin, avocado oil, and allantoin.

It is easy to improve your complexion with the right combination skincare, as long as you use natural products and stay away from harsh chemicals.