A Run Through Of The Education And Career Details Of A Fashion Degree

The Far Reaches of Fashion

No matter who you are, your life is touched by the work of a fashion designer. Every morning when we wake up, we make important decisions about who we are going to be that day. Selecting articles of clothing, which are each the product of many complicated decisions, gives us a sense of expression and a way to make a statement about ourselves to the world without ever having a conversation with someone. From the concept to the store, a fashion designer plays a pertinent role in our lives every single day.

A Creative Career

You may be someone who has felt a certain affinity for the statements that can be made by apparel, and now that you are in a position to be choosing your career path you may be considering fashion. From shoes to hats and everything in between, the world of fashion is vast and constantly changing to suit the needs of the consumer. People often reinvent themselves many times throughout their lives, which means that clothing represents much more than a way to shield us from the elements.

As a fashion design major, you will be preparing to enter a competitive industry that always has room for new visions as well as classic tastes. Having an eye for design as well as the ability to understand the construction of a piece will be necessary in this field. Fashion designers make decisions about materials, intricate details, and overall style while considering the target audience of their product.

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There are several ways to approach your education if you are aspiring to work in the fashion industry. Some people choose to become educated in fashion design as well as business, as the integration of these two areas is an excellent combination for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur. Two year and four year fashion degrees are the standard for most employers, though some people may choose to go on an earn an advanced degree.

Participating in an internship is generally required of people majoring in fashion, since first hand exposure to the industry provides the best training. The coursework that makes up this degree includes learning about pattern making, color choice, computer aided design, tailoring and sewing, and fashion history.

People entering this field will also study math, since measurements and shape combination play a large role in clothing construction. Human anatomy is studied so that aspiring designers are able to effectively fit clothes to different body types. Some fashion majors even study psychology so they can get an understanding of how people respond to certain colors, patterns, and styles.

Job Details

If you are entering this field, you will find that most job opportunities will be found in California or New York. The available number of jobs in this industry is predicted to remain constant. Many people find this field appealing, since it allows a creative outlet and the opportunity to reach many people with your designs.