Branding Your Business is Like Fashion Hunting

As a woman entrepreneur, you may be surprised that business “branding” is a lot like one of the hobbies that so many women out there today love, that hobby being “fashion”. Don’t be mistaken, it isn’t all glitz and glamor, creating a brand is hard work, however there are a lot of similarities in “fashion” and “business branding”. In fact,we as women entrepreneurs can learn from those in the fashion industry.

How? You may ask. It is quite simple look at what they are doing. When you go shopping for a new dress what do you do?

First, you determine where you are going to wear the dress? What is the occasion, you want it to fit in with the atmosphere right? If you’re wearing it to a wedding it must be formal most likely. If you’re wearing it to the park for a picnic you would want it to be casual and cool. In business, you want your “dress” or your “brand” to fit where you want it to fit in. In this case it would be your “niche”. Is your niche “work at home moms” or is your niche “professional speakers”. You will create your brand based on this and other factors.

Next, think about how you want your potential clients and customers to feel. Emotional connections can help you go a long way in business. This relates to fashion so when you go to pick out a new dress, you want to “feel” good in it, you want it to make you feel beautiful. Think of your brand the same way you want your brand to make others “feel” a certain way. Determine what that is and shoot to accomplish that feeling.

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Finally, tie it all together, if you were going shopping, you’d tie your outfit together with accessories, for a wedding you might buy pearl earrings and a necklace, a small handbag and a shawl. The same is true for your brand, embellish it in all the right areas, help it shine.

You didn’t know that branding your business could be like fashion hunting did you? We learn something new every day!