Dress to Kill With Ladies Skirts – The Most Stunning Outfit in a Woman’s Wardrobe

From sashaying demurely in flowing fabrics at ramps to strutting confidently in corporate outfits at modern offices, women have always surpassed their male counterparts when it came to fashion. Most men are often left wondering as to what makes these women cast their feminine spell everywhere by going petite, flirty, sweet, bossy or sultry just at the snap of fingers. Now if you are from the fairer sex, you obviously know where the trick lies – in all those ladies fashion apparelssince ages, one of the most flattering of all garments are ladies skirts.

Wear them short, wear them long, wear them layered, wear them tapered, wear them with a zip or wear them with a slit, this piece of fashion is never out of date and is quite a hit in the ladies fashion department because of its enormous variety. So whether you are a “plain jane”, a “bohemian beauty”, a “rock-and-roll chick”, or a “classic mademoiselle”, a ladies skirt designed with the right silhouette to suit your body type can transform you to the “belle of the town” in no time. Find below some of the most popular ladies skirt types that have always been a rage in the international fashion scene and pick the one that matches up to your fashion style and statement.

A-Line Skirts

If you want a ladies apparel that fits snugly at your waist caressing your hips and thighs, go for the A-line ladies skirt. The most basic of all skirt types, this kind of skirt looks like the capital alphabet ‘A’ and flatteringly hugs women who have pear-shaped bodies. It is the best office wear for full-bodied women who want to camouflage heavy hips. And when an A-line is made with stiffer fabric and layered with pleats, it works wonders for women with petite frames.

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Flared Skirts

A slight variation of A-line skirts, they are designed with added flares that swish about the legs and smartly cover flabby hips and thighs. Team such a skirt with leggings if you have fat calves as well, and in case you are tall and bony, try a flared skirt in large prints with pocket details for giving the illusion of extra volume. A definite show stealer during a fun night out with your girlfriends.

Fit and Flared Skirts

Here the flares instead of starting at the waist, begins at the hip. If you have a smaller derriere, you would surely fall in love with them as such skirts will accentuate the curve of your hips, with the soft fabric additionally lending some body near the thighs. Don one while on a movie or a dinner date with friends. For something a bit more feminine, try a long chiffon one with uneven hems.

Straight Skirts

Keeping up with their names, these skirts fall straight from the hip and can be designed in many ways to hide figure flaws. Loose knee length ones are great for covering fat thighs, while a short one is a sure shot winner for petite frames. A high waisted calf-length straight skirt makes a thin, long- torso ed woman look voluptuous and is equally a wardrobe asset for both medium or tall women. Try wearing a short denim or leather straight skirt with boots during casual fun parties and wear a long one in a flowing fabric with open-toed wedges and heels to ravish the crowd during formal occasions.