Fake Handbags – Are We Part of the Problem? Part 3

In part three of this series we are going to talk about a difficult subject. We talked about buying designer inspired fashion and being conned into buying fakes, and we discussed buying designer originals and ending up with a fake. Now we will discuss shopping for fakes. This is a difficult subject because most of the people who are shopping for fake handbags, clothing, shoes, watches, sunglasses and pirated CD’s and DVD’s are under the impression that there is nothing wrong with saving money. If we were just saving money, there would be no need for this discussion. However, we are saving money at a very high cost.

Every dictionary definition of the word “fake” comes up with the same description, anything or anyone not genuine; fraud; counterfeit. A legal dictionary uses terms like; copy, counterfeit copy, emulation, fabrication, facsimile, false representation, falsehood, feigned copy, forged duplicate, forgery, fraud, fraudulent replica, charlatan, hoax, counterfeit, as well as dozens more. If you have never had the experience of having a counterfeit $20 bill confiscated at a retail store when paying for your merchandise, it is very unpleasant. You just discover what you thought was cash was nothing more than very expensive trash. It happened to me once, and not only did I not get the merchandise; I lost $20 bucks and had to answer a bunch of questions from store security about where the bill came from. I was sure they thought I was involved in some sort of criminal activity, and they were going to arrest me. That didn’t happen, but the experience was unnerving when I realized how close I had come to the dark side of life.

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We can justify all we like, but if we are looking to save money or keep up with the Jones, no disrespect intended toward the Jones, by shopping “fake” anything, we are supporting the dark side of commerce. If we accept the fact that counterfeit currency is bad for the economy, and organized crime is involved, it should not be difficult to understand why counterfeit anything valuable should have a similar effect, and criminals would have their hands in it. Crime syndicates globally use counterfeiting as a cash cow to fund sweat shops, child labor, human trafficking, gang activity and even terrorism. Law enforcement cannot stop counterfeiters from selling their goods as long as consumers continue to provide a market for them.

As consumers we have the power to take away the market for counterfeit fashion, and build up our own economy at the expense of the dark side of commerce. Lets partner with law enforcement and become part of the solution, and refuse to be part of the problem.

I’ll have a few tips on the alternative to fake fashion in my next article.