H&M Even Has Products For Kids

There was an article published recently with regards to a recall on H&M kids jackets – whereby the company who manufactured and designed them voluntarily recalled all the editions, because of a safety concern. If you saw this article – you will know that indeed H&M (the very popular discount clothing retailer) has a range of clothes specifically designed for children. Therefore – if you are a mother (or a father who likes to shop) – you can be sure that you will find the right garments at the right price, on the same shopping trip as you would do for yourself.

The children’s range at H&M is called: H&M Young. The target for these clothes is everyone up to the age of 14 – so as you can see it really is quite a widespread age group that the they are providing for. For mothers – this is a great benefit – because it provides a reliable and friendly place for them to buy clothes for their children – without having to worry about the price tag.

Even though the spread of ages is across 14 whole years – the H&M Young line itself is split in to numerous parts. Firstly, you have the baby wear collection – which as the name suggests, caters for the youngest children. These garments have a sophisticated design process, which ensures that they are safely manufactured, and hence are free of harmful chemicals and add-ons. Additionally, the clothes can be described as being “playful” – which is excellent for the younger generation.

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Secondly – the next age group up goes from 18 months old to 8 years old. This is referred to as the children’s wear collection – and as you can tell again from the title – the products are slightly larger, and hence a more mature focus to reflect the child’s age. The clothes often are designed with the “fashion conscious” child in mind – those ones who purposely look for fashion potential or “cool” clothes.

Finally, for the oldest children, we have the H&M Young range – which provides quality garments for 9 to 14 year olds. Obviously, these display even more of a “fashion flair”, and given their price – they are great for every day general use. I say this because often children of this age are out playing, and actively doing things. Hence, they need clothes which will assist them in this – ie. be durable, and not rip or tear easily, whilst still looking good.