How to Reorganize Your Accessories?

Accessories are a vital part of your image; it includes your shoes, handbags and briefcases. Know what you have, and get rid of those you never use and those that are worn out. Shoes and handbags do not always have to match. You can wear fashion colours and then use a neutral coloured handbag. If you wear shoes in a fashion colours, then handbag should match.

Shop at the start of the season when there is greater choice. This is especially important for your basic items; otherwise, you may miss out. Sales times are great for those luxury items which you do not need but would like to have. Do avoid impulsive buying, especially at sales.

The best time to shop is in the morning and the early part of the week when the stores are not crowded. Do not take kids along and do not shop in a rush when you are seriously looking for clothes or accessories.

Dress well and be comfortable when shopping. Buy and wear for today, not for when you may need it, because quite often that day never comes. Inventory for your accessories are important feature of dressing and can make or break your image.

Doing an Inventory

1. Keep in mind your colours and styles

2. Be honest

3. Try on every accessories that you have

4. Begin to confidently clean out the accessories

5. Put your accessories into 3 boxes

Retain box

1. These are your correct colours and styles

2. They reflect you image

3. You feel great when you wear them and receive lots of compliments

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Maybe box

1. The colours are correct, the styles are incorrect. Or the styles are correct, the colours are incorrect

2. They reflect your image

3. You feel good wearing them

Reject box

1. Accessories that are in the wrong colours and styles

2. Accessories that you have not worn in over six months

3. Worn out accessories

4. Outdated accessories

5. Anything not worn over the last year

6. Make-do accessories

7. Accessories that needs repair or is unwearable for any reason

8. Any items you are uncertain about, get rid of them as well

These accessories should be removed entirely from your collections if you are going to achieve up-to-date accessories to match your clothes you feel and look good in.

Cost per wearing formula

This will enable you to decide the cost of an accessory by the anticipated number of wearing.

o You bought an accessory for $100.00 which you wear once a week. The estimate life of this accessory is 2 years.

o $100 divided by 96 wearing = $1.04 per wearing

o On the other hand, you bought another accessory for $200.00 which you will wear 3 times a year. The estimate life of this accessory is 2 years.

o $200 divided 6 wearing = $33.33 per wearing

This is just a simple formula to use. It is a guide for you to whether the purchase you are about to make is of value.