Learn How to Dress Younger While Still Looking Mature – With Fashion Forward Wardrobe Finds

In your prime but wondering how to dress younger while still looking mature? If you happen to be a working professional who wants to look polished and elegant (whether you’re showing up for corporate meetings or attending a party) while exuding the same youthful beauty you used to have fresh out of college without trying too hard, choosing the right clothes and make-up is key.

Looking young is not about copying the clothes and mannerisms of the younger generation (like your kids and their friends), donning denim and vintage tees, micro mini skirts and other outfits with a youngish appeal. Even your kids will cringe seeing you like that. If you want to really learn how to dress younger while still looking mature, whether it’s for malling or walking in the park, for casual weekends with family and friends, or for the workplace, check out stores or online sites offering fabulous young and mature outfits and accessories. If you want your outfits to reflect your exuberant and young-at-heart personality, veer away from outfits in neutral colors like gray, brown, or even black, and try bold and bright colors.

If you’re looking for key pieces and trying to figure out how to dress younger while still looking mature in time for an event like a high school or college reunion, turn to fabulous looking stars for inspiration. A sensible fashion advice is to go for simple, fuss-free dressing styles like an above-the-knee dress cinched at the waist by a wide black belt. For a casual get-together, you may look attractive donning a bright-colored top (like yellow) and tight jeans worn with thigh-high boots in matte-looking suede (in brown). The trick is not to look tacky nor too cutesy, and to pick out clothes suited for the occasion.

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You can easily find ways how to dress younger while still looking mature on your own, or by consulting a fashion stylist. Some people simple dress how they feel but opt for updated pieces. It doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on designer wear. Just pick out key pieces that you’ll feel great wearing because they flatter your figure and enhance your natural beauty. Here’s a fashion tip for mature women who love wearing jeans for casual occasions: slip on a good-fitting pair jeans but select one that’ll be appropriate for your age (read: not too much on the embellishments like rhinestones). Simple but elegant stitching on the back pockets will be fine.

Knowing how to dress in an appealing and youthful-looking but appropriate way simply entails tasteful mixing and matching of outfits. For example, if you’ve decided to wear a colorful printed dress, you can coordinate it with a monochromatic jacket. Indeed, it’s not that difficult to dress up, look younger than your chronological age, and feel fabulous. Anyone can learn how to dress younger while still looking mature, and there are lots of fashion tips and suitable apparel and accessory finds in the market (especially from online stores) to help balance your look.