Event videos can be valuable for launching a new product, announcing a new partnership, or impressing future sponsors. Event videos can promote your next event, attract prospective sponsors, and run social media campaigns. You can use video to drive action and produce results with the right strategy. Here are some tips for capturing shareable content at your event. Let’s begin! How do you plan to capture event video content?

Equipment needed for event video production

Before you plan for event video production, consider who will be viewing the finished product. What is the call to action? What type of equipment and crew will be needed? Every event is different, and some will require a multicamera shoot and other types of filming, while others may only need a single camera solution. Be sure to develop contingency plans, as well. After all, a video of an event isn’t just for promoting a product.

For video production, one of the essential tools is a camera. While you can use a phone camera with decent quality, a professional-grade camera with the latest features is recommended. DSLRs, camcorders, and other high-end cameras are all available, as are excellent cameras. If you’re not a student, check out the camera lending program at your local college or university. Many colleges offer well-presented catalogs that list camera brands, lens mounts, and kelvin temperatures.

Locations for event video production

Whether an anniversary party, company holiday party, or fundraiser, the following locations for event video production will help you create the perfect film. These locations are visually and audibly friendly. They will minimize any possible hiccups during filming. Below are a few tips for selecting a site. You can use the Manifest Analyst to build a shortlist of companies. A good location should be quiet, with little traffic, and adequate lighting. Avoid places with an abundance of natural light, which can obscure the talent.

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You may also want to consider streaming live events so that your viewers can watch your video. Streaming a live event to a global audience can help your company build a following and promote brand awareness. However, if the live event is on a smaller scale, it may not be possible to broadcast it. For that reason, it is recommended to have your event video production company film at a nearby venue.

Techniques for capturing shareable content

One of the most critical aspects of event video production is capturing the right content. The best way to do this is to create a highlight video that showcases one event area, such as the exhibits and keynote speech. The video can be slowed down to focus the audience’s attention. It can also be edited at different speeds. As video is the future, catching the right content will increase your brand’s reach and appeal.

The most influential event videos feature the critical information that will entice prospects to attend the next event. Highlight the numbers and statistics that would convince prospects to register for your next event. Also, include text on the video that matches your branding. Moreover, ensure that the text looks professional. It should also appear in the top part of the video. When creating the highlight video, remember to include relevant information.

Cost of event video production

The cost of event video production can vary widely, depending on the size of the output and the event’s specific needs. For example, larger budget projects may require a casting session to get critical individuals to speak on camera. The entire process can run into thousands of dollars, including the fees of a casting director, studio, and 20% agency fee. The cost of the event video production may also include ongoing licensing fees. In addition to these costs, the event videographer will also need to rent or buy special location-based video gear, which can cost thousands of dollars.

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The total cost of event video production varies, but most professional companies charge a base rate per day. This fee is equivalent to eight to ten hours of work. For smaller events, a half-day rate may be more reasonable. If your event is multi-day, you’ll probably need more than one videographer. A base rate is an excellent place to start. However, keep in mind that some professionals charge more than others, depending on their experience level.