Making the Most of Twin Beds

Sometimes, it seems like the twin bed is simply outdated, with the current popularity of larger queen and king beds. In the last decade, the queen size has overtaken the twin for top sales with a vengeance, leading to a concentration of design and style on the larger bed sizes. However, in many rooms of the home, especially the kids’ rooms or guest rooms, there is no space for such a large bed, and it is essential to make the most of twin beds. You have several options for how to go about this process, ranging from daybeds to kids bunk beds and everything in between. Here are a few suggestions to get you started on the right track.

For example, in a guest room or your daughter’s room, which is usually no larger than a 10×10 or 12×12 space, you can include a daybed with trundle. This device provides additional hideaway bedding to accommodate more people without taking up extra floor space. Also, the day bed is an excellent option in both applications because it can double as a bed and a couch, allowing the room’s occupant to have seating in the room for watching television or reading a book during the day. Trundle beds can be pulled out at night when needed for bedding. Fashion Bed Group can offer some suggestions for styles of daybeds that would be perfect for your particular design application.

Another option would be to purchase kids’ storage beds. This configuration makes more space in a small room by offering the storage for toys, games, and other materials within the bed so that you don’t need an additional storage unit like a large toy chest or dresser in the room that will take up more space. Instead, you have room for a student’s work desk where homework can be done or an entertainment unit with room for the television, radio, and game systems. You also reserve the option to simply leave the floor open for play when your children have friends over or where a sleeping bag or twin sized blowup mattress can be placed for sleepovers. Either way, using a storage bed will make a huge difference in the space taken up in the room.

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How many little girls have dreamed of fanciful bedrooms with a flair for femininity and fantasy? You might opt to dress up the room in this fashion by purchasing a canopy twin bed, which can be the centerpiece for a “princess” room, with luxurious materials and soft bedding for your daughter’s comfort as well as opening up her imagination to all sorts of play. This is a great way to make the most of a twin bed that otherwise might look outdated or boring.

Youth bedroom sets come in all configurations; however, they almost always include a twin sized bed, which has become an ignored bed size in today’s society where “bigger is better”. With a little creativity, though, you can make the most of a twin bed in any application.