There are many misconceptions when it comes to sunglasses, as well as a good deal of ignorance regarding how to wear them, buy them, when they are needed, and which ones are the best. From that ignorance, of course, has sprang up a lot of myths that are commonly accepted. One of those myths is even built in to the name of the product itself. They may be called sunglasses, but one of the myths we will dispel below is that they are only for when it is sunny outside.

Understanding sunglasses as a product is also one of the best ways to optimize your business strategy if you find yourself selling or reselling after a wholesale purchase at an outlet. Everyone knows that the top designer sunglasses can very expensive, and they are usually seen as a fashion object. But inexpensive sunglasses bought in bulk from a wholesaler actually accounts for the majority of sales worldwide. And that doesn’t represent people buying inferior products; the idea that expensive is always better – that’s a myth too! Read on then for a debunking of the most common misconceptions about one of the world’s most consistently in-demand products.

Myth: Expensive is Always Better

The idea that to get an effective and/or fashionable pair of sunglasses you need to spend a considerable amount of money – or even that sunglasses increase in quality with their price tag – is totally false. What makes the most expensive sunglasses so pricey is more to do with brand reputation and celebrity endorsement than it is about quality.  For sure, a $500 pair of Ray Ban sunglasses is not going to be trash, but they are only $500 because they are commonly sported by celebrities. It’s perfectly possible to get quality at a much lower price.

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Myth: Sunglasses are Only for When It’s Sunny

Sunglasses are undoubtedly a fashion item as well as a practical tool. This is perhaps the most obvious reason that they can be worn (indeed, are worn) when the sky is cloudy. Another reason why sunglasses are not always for sun is that their practical applications include situations other than hot, sunny days. There are sunglasses for reducing the glare, to aid with driving, and for use in winter sports.

Myth: Sunglasses Are Luxury High-Fashion Items

As mentioned, sunglasses are most commonly bought not as a high fashion statement to show off expensive brands or to copy the style of A-listers, but instead as either practical accessories or to compliment certain outfits. If you are in the business of selling sunglasses, this is one of the best reasons to buy in bulk – a sunglasses stand makes for a great addition to a store front and they can be expected to sell well.

Myth: You Only Need a Single Pair

Connected to the fact that inexpensive practical and fashionable sunglasses are frequently bought as impulse buys in stores is the fact that people typically own several pairs. It’s very useful to have sunglasses always to hand and it is also useful to have pairs in a variety of styles in order to compliment different outfits. If you wish to cater for this need, it’s a good idea to buy wholesale sunglasses that come in a wide variety of styles – such as the sets offered by Olympic Eyewear – allowing customers to easily update their collections and find the right style for the right use or outfit.

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Understanding how sunglasses are sold and what makes them expensive or valuable is a necessary first step towards both appreciating their potential as a consumer product and to incorporating them successfully into your wardrobe.