Perfect Wedding Dress Ensemble – What to Wear With Your Dress

Preparing for weddings can be daunting, especially for the bride. There is always something that has to be done and not enough time to do it in. If that isn’t enough, everything has to be perfect (or close) – especially her dress. Even if it isn’t your wedding, there is always some sort of mad dash come the week before the wedding of “what should I wear?” After all, one of the key aspects of the day is looks – how radiant the bride is, how pretty her bridesmaids are and how decked out everyone else is for the celebration.

One of the most important things to consider when getting “dolled up” for the affair is the jewelry that will accompany the outfit. The dress is key but if it is paired with the wrong jewelry it can ruin the look. Many fail to think about the jewelry and end up just throwing something on. For elegant affairs such as a posh wedding, the right jewelry can go a long way.

The first thing to consider when pairing jewelry is the dress’s neckline/style. It is a strapless dress? If so try a simple necklace or slight choker, otherwise don’t wear a necklace. With one strap dresses, it is difficulty to find that the perfect accompanying necklace and is simpler to not wear one. For other dresses, a simple necklace often looks nice but can also look plain. Be sure not to take attention away from your dress by wearing an over-the-top necklace.

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At the same time, wearing only a dress or only simple jewelry just will not do. The best compliment to any dress are fabulous earrings. They do not detract from the dress and it is much harder for earrings to clash than for a necklace. Hoops are a not a bad choice and are in fashion but they don’t carry the same look and sophistication as chandelier earrings. These pieces are an essential part of any closet. A great pair of chandelier earrings can go a very long way in “glam-ing” up any dress or outfit.

My recommendation for any bride-to-be: go with chandelier earrings, they are the perfect jewelry addition to any dress. Chandelier earrings do not stand the chance from detracting from your dress unlike a necklace might and would bring attention to your already glowing and radiant face.

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