Plaids and Other Fashion Trends That Contribute to Spirited Looks

Fashion trends come and go. There’s the nautical look, the military style, the vintage look, futuristic, plus other fashion trends. When it comes to patterns, some will probably stay around forever. A perfect example is the plaid apparel design. Plaids lend an urban edge and a fresh perspective to men’s wardrobes.

Men’s plaid pants, whether they’re highlighted by the traditional herringbone plaids or modern, whimsical checks, are all-time favorites especially of the leisure set. They’re worn during both summer & winter. Summertime plaid shorts or pants in bold colors contribute to a striking, spirited look. Conservative types may go for subtle, classic colors, like caramel and olive, to keep the look neutral and simply elegant, for trousers and shorts.

Most men who play golf will most likely have a pair of plaid golf pants tucked somewhere in their cabinets. Nice designer plaid golf pants, like a fabulous designer red polo shirt with an appealing vintage yet modern look, serve as a fashion statement on the course. If the idea of wearing such piece of apparel appeals to you, choose the moisture-wicking fabric that can provide utmost comfort under the toughest playing conditions.

For stylish winter looks, the well-dressed gentleman will most likely have cold-weather essentials like cardigan sweaters (that can be layered with t-shirt for a cool and casual look) and pants with plaid design in his fashion arsenal.

Plaid apparel likewise makes a perfect item for men (and women, for that matter) invited to corporate or social events riding high on the retro fashion trend. Along with the monochromes or psychedelics, the metallic, and pinstripes, plaids have made a huge comeback and continue to rule in the fashion scene.

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