Spring/Summer 2011 Gemstone Jewelry Trends

Its coming to that time again where the weather is warming up, time to bring out those summer dresses, spaghetti string tops, and high heel sandals!

Well you know what type of jewelry you like and how you want to wear it and if you don’t that is fine, this is just a guide on whats coming spring/summer 2011 in the accessories department.

Just know you can always add your unique touch to anything you wear! if you want to try something new as well do so!

This season will be incorporated with some of last years trends the big and the bold statement pieces for example shoulder-grazing earrings.

Not only will you get bold statement pieces this 2011 but more elegant styles as well such as more diamond accent pieces and simple refined necklaces.

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds!

The more the merrier, stack on necklaces, bangles and huge statement rings are still in style for spring/summer 2011.

However the chandelier earrings are going away slowly but surely and being replaced by more simple and elegant earring designs like basic hoops, ear studs and linear style earrings yet earrings would still hold that bold look.

A lot of geometrical shapes will be seen in more of the jewelry designs such as dimensional shapes, beaded circle necklaces, square bangles, cuffs with graphic cutouts to name a few.

Another hot jewelry trend is fabric style accessories like leather earrings, necklace woven with denim, bib style fabric necklaces, ribbon end necklaces to name a few.

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Lets not forget the retro vintage, reminiscent of the late 80s to early 90s look jewelry designs with the checkered squares, fun, flirty colors for example colorful resin bangles, acrylic style earrings, cubic zirconia bracelets, and gemstone tassel like necklaces and earrings just to name a few.

You will see a lot of cabochon styled designs in necklaces, bracelets and earrings this will bring more of a subtle look this summer/spring 2011.

You can not go without having nature inspired fashion jewelry this year you will see elephants, bugs, flowers, leaves, birds just to name a few.

Metal jewelry that is light weight huge in form in many styled colors such as layered chains & huge metal pendants that tell a story.

Surprisingly you will see more rose gold color coming out like the gold and silver.

There is an abundance of jewelry styles out there know what you like to wear whether you like to wear bold statement styles to refined just be you.