Sunblock – The Right Method Of Application

You should have a number of beach fun equipment and a right sunblock if you are going to beach for enjoyment. But is taking a sunblock, also known as sunscreen, enough to be protected from the dangerous rays of sun? You will not get benefited if you do not know the correct way of applying it, it can work only if you know how to use it properly.

If you want to apply sunblock, then first of all you should wash your face, but keep in mind that excessive washing can affect your skin negatively, so don’t excessively do it. Use a soft facial cleanser for washing your face and make sure of using slightly warm water for rinsing your face. Then pat your face with a soft towel- make sure you do not rub your skin too hard, and keep it a bit moist.

Sunblock should be directly applied on the face, and take care of not using any kind of makeup or face cream before applying it on your face. Apply an even layer of sunblock, and do not cut back on the quantity of it to save money- you do not have to buy costly anti-wrinkle creams if you apply your sunscreens properly. It will protect you from harmful rays of sun, by leaving it for 10 minutes so that your skin absorbs it fully.

After this, do not apply anything on your face for approximately 15 minutes not even water as it will diminish the effect of sunblock. If you have to stay outside for a full day, then you need to repeat this process after every 2 hours to get the effect of sunscreen completely. Just like face, there are other body parts also that need proper care, so do not forget to apply sunblock on ears, back of hands or neck etc. Because sunblock is not recommended to use on lips, so you can use a lip balm. on your lips- you have to leave it for about 5 minutes before applying lipstick.

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Many people think that solar rays do not affect their skin on cloudy day, but it is not true since the ultraviolet rays can still cause harmful effects by penetrating your skin, so you must apply sunscreen on these days as well. Many people have a thinking that they do not need sunblock on cloudy days but it is not true and it must be used while you go out.