The Beauty of Hand Made Egg Style Pendants

Hand Made Egg Style Pendants make wonderful gifts for anyone who appreciates unique jewelry. The best pendants are hand crafted, egg style pendants made in 24-karat gold, silver, hand applied cold enamel in a selection of jewel-like colors, and meticulously applied Swarovski crystal embellishments. There are styles and themes to suit every shopper, including Irish Claddagh-inspired designs, festive symbols, elegant patterns and flowers, these Faberge style pendants remain true to the very pieces created by Carl Faberge himself. He was commissioned by the Tsar Nicholas III of Russia to create a special gift for him to present to his wife Maria at Easter time.

A pendant is such a versatile piece of jewelry; it can be worn on a chain of any length, either on its own or as part of a group of pendants together on the one chain. It can also be displayed when not being worn. It is a timeless item that can be passed on to future generations and incorporated into a contemporary look. When a pendant is hand crafted, it is even more special; it feels as if you are wearing a little piece of history around your neck. Somebody took the time to create a miniature work of art and put in the effort to make it absolutely perfect. Many of the pendants include “hidden” treasures inside in the form of lockets or come with their own stand.

When you buy a pendant from Peerless Pendants, you can be sure of exquisite design, impeccable craftsmanship and fantastic attention to detail. As the collection of pieces offered grows, take the opportunity to add to your own personal collection too, and have a different Hand Made Pendant for any occasion. Add an accent of color to a chic black cocktail dress with a Faberge style pendant in cobalt blue or ruby red. Add a touch of sparkle to a casual everyday outfit with an egg style pendant glistening with Swarovski crystals. Why not buy one for each of your friends this Christmas. Take time to choose the perfect piece for a special friend and she will treasure it forever.

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