The Secrets of Basic Hair Cutting Techniques to Create Stunning Hairstyles Easily

When any individual is going to cut their hair there are some basic techniques that have to be followed. To begin with, the hair should be damp but not overly wet as it would be just after shampooing.

Dampening it down with a spray bottle of cool water helps to keep the flyaway hairs in manageable condition. It is very important as well that the hair be clean and not contain any hair products of any type.

One thing you want to remember is that if you are going to color your hair that the coloring should be done before the cut. The advantage to this is that once you are ready for the cut if there is any unevenness in the hair color then the ends can be cut away.

Even for those that have long hair it is important that they get a regular trim as the ends become damaged quickly and can make what is the overall healthy hair look sick. When it comes to short styles they need to be trimmed more often because of the new hair growth really becomes quite noticeable.

The average individual with short hair will probably need a haircut anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks although some can get away with waiting up to 8 weeks. Always do yourself a favor though if you have a special occasion coming up do not get your haircut just prior to the occasion.

What you may want to do is at least two weeks before hand if you have decided to go short is do it then. Adjustment stages are a good idea as well, if you have long hair and you decide that you are fed up with it and want to go short the best thing to do is go to a medium style first. Once you have adjusted to this then move on to the shorter length.

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For the most part unless you are a professional stylist, you are not going to want to cut your own hair or anyone else’s for that matter. There may be times that you need to give yourself either a slight trim or someone else in the case of an emergency. For the most part, it is really a smart idea to have your haircut done by a professional hairstylist.

You will find sometimes that when it comes to children you will need to do an emergency cut if they have gotten something stuck in their hair or perhaps one of the other kids has decided to play hairstylist and cut their hair for them. Do as little cutting as possible and make arrangements to get the child to hairstylist as soon as you possibly can.

You are going to find that if you had long hair or even medium length hair that once you go short taking care of it is going to be a little bit different. You will probably be pleasantly surprised when you do not have to spend near as much time on your hair but you are going to have to get used to using your styling tools with the particular hairstyle that you are now going to be going with.