Top Tips For Keeping Cool This Summer

The hot summer weather is absolutely gorgeous – but dehydration, sunburn and sunstroke aren’t! We have come up with some top tips on avoiding any of these nasties so read on if you think they could be helpful.

-Cover up – in light colours – with a sun hat, loose, breathable clothing and/or a high SPF sun cream (minimum SPF15 for adults or SPF30 for children). This will protect the skin from UV rays and all the associated problems they may cause. Sunburn alone can cause extreme discomfort and permanent damage, avoid it!

-Stay hydrated and avoid alcohol during the day, or if you feel you have had ‘too much sun’ in the evening. Alcohol will just dehydrate you and leave you feeling rotten. Top up with regular long soft drinks and bottled water instead.

-Avoid the midday sun. Between 11am and 3pm it really is worth seeking some shade as the sun can be unexpectedly harsh during this part of the day and could lead to sunstroke.

-Close the curtains during the day, it will help to keep the heat out. Open curtains and upstairs windows in the evening to let the cooler evening air in.

-Stay downstairs when possible. Heat rises, you will find that downstairs in your home is cooler than upstairs.

-Turn off any heat sources and electrical appliances that are not required, at the plug.

-Add ice cubes to a large bowl of cold water and soak your feet when required. Keep a smaller ice water bowl and flannel nearby for applying cold patches when and where required.

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For instant relief

-Sit in front of a fan if you have one – and to increase the effect place a bowl of ice cubes directly in front of it.

-Have a long cold drink with ice.

-Fill your bath tub with cool or luke warm water and take a dip, this approach to cooling down will last for some time afterwards.

-Run cold water over the insides of your wrists.

-Soak a T-shirt in cool water, wring out and wear, or put on clothing straight from the washing machine.

-Fill a clean plant sprayer with water and spritz yourself when required, spritz bed sheets at night.

Use Aloe Vera extract for sunburn, it is excellent at healing and cooling. You can take it direct from the plant by snapping a piece off and squeezing out the juice, so consider buying one.

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