Why Casio Watches Are So Popular

Casio have long-since been in the electronics industry and were best-known for their musical instruments, cameras, calculators and audio products, but in the 1980s they ventured into the watch industry and took it by storm. Casio watches were loved by many for their simple designs, easy to read screens and being packed full of new technology, the likes that hadn’t been seen on watches before.

The G Shock watches of the 90s, which were originally for servicemen as they could withstand knocks, were also a hit with civilians who loved the big rubber straps and tough exterior. As time has gone on, Casio watches have evolved into smart, luxury items as well as still having functional and practical ones for those who need more from a watch. The multifunctional watches from the 80s still exist, albeit in more appealing cases and nowadays they even come with metal bracelets. You can still buy Casio watches that have rubber straps or even leather ones, and as you know you have a company that has been around for the best part of 80 years behind the manufacturing you know it’s going to work for many years to come.

The rugged looks of the G shock and indeed the Pathfinder watches are liked by adventurers and people that love the outdoors. There is a need for water resistance, the ability to take shock impacts well and not falter at the first sign of hard use. The tough rubber straps are comfortable and hold onto your wrist well, and yet Casio watches are so light so you barely even notice them on your wrist. You can find Casio watches with almost as much technology in them as your smart phone. From barometers to thermometers, altimeters and diving features, there are so many people in the world that could benefit from a Casio watch. There are LED lights, alarms, reminders and countdown timers as well as stopwatches available so you don’t have to carry around extra items as your watch has it all.

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Casio watches are favoured by those who love to get out and about, doing dare-devil sports and adrenaline-fuelled activities. They are hard-wearing, full of technology and look fantastic at the same time. When you buy Casio watches, you are owning a stunning timepiece that has been developed over generations and is back by the detailed reputation that the company has.


Casio watches have been around since the 1980s and continue to be one of the most popular and affordable classic watches. They are packed with technology and suit the adventurer-type perfectly, although now, there are luxury Casio watches available too.