Why is Skin Exfoliation the Most Important Skincare Routine?

Regular skin exfoliation is a necessity and must never be skipped. If you do, it could make you sick. Why?

– Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Its function is not only to keep us together, protect us from elements and look good while doing it, but more importantly our skin is a major cleansing organ. So important that it is sometimes referred to as a third kidney.

Waste and impurities are carried by capillaries to the surface of the skin where they are trapped by surface cells. As those cells age and naturally exfoliate they take those impurities out of our bodies permanently. Then fresh cells rise to the surface and they are ready to take on the next batch of waste.

When our skin cells collect the waste from within our body, at the same time they intake oxygen from the atmosphere. In another words – they breathe for us and when you have a lot of oxygen in your body you are healthier, more alert and you feel happy.

So, our skin performs some pretty important functions, don’t you think? To work most effectively it could use some help from us. We can really help the skin to exfoliate faster, thus reducing its workload and directing most of its energies to the important tasks of eliminating waste and breathing. Most people use some sort of exfoliating cosmetics, but instead of helping, they could actually be harming your skin. How?

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Although cosmetics might do a good job of scrubbing some of the top, dead cells off, they do not actually get it any cleaner. Look at the label – most of those cosmetics contain a lot of substances which are far from natural, in fact a lot of them are toxic to the skin. So, what you are in effect doing is exfoliating your skin so that you can then blast it with a toxic cocktail. Not a good idea.

The best exfoliation method under the sun is the most basic and also the cheapest. Baiden Mitten. It is a glove made from natural tree fibres. Gloves like this have been used in Turkish baths for centuries. What Baiden Mitten can do for your skin has not been able to be duplicated by any man made substitutes. It not only performs the deepest possible exfoliation, but also stimulates skin’s blood supply so that the elimination of waste and blood oxygenation is speeded up.

And through this a miracle happens. Your skin, suddenly totally free of any impurities and dead skin cells is able to help itself. It becomes strong, resilient and amazingly smooth and clear. It is then able to take care of multitude of skin problems such as skin sensitivity, dryness or excessive oiliness, uneven texture, outbreaks, stretch marks, sagging skin and even cellulite.

Yes, our skin was designed to remain youthful if we work WITH IT and not AGAINST IT.