You Can Be a Fashion Icon

People follow fashion trend blindly thinking that others will notice them but when everyone is following same trend then how can you separate yourself from them? The answer is by creating and innovating your own fashion, your own style. Here are some helping notes for you to become fashion epitome for others-

1. Always keep on experimenting with your looks. People will start noticing you. For some weeks have ethnic look,for next few weeks have rock looks and you can also go for funky looks. This will show diversity in your personality. This advice is specially for young bachelors.

2. For married people more sophisticated fashion should be adopted. This will enhance their personality. Extra accessory with ethnic looks very garish. One can go for any dress but everything should be in balanced way. If you are going for heavy dress then make up and accessory should be light so as to give a perfect look.

3. If any of the above points doesn’t suits you then don’t worry there is another way to become a fashion can be creative with your will make you vivacious and people will start noticing your hairstyle.

4. Don’t go for same look for long will make your fashion boring and also reflect that you have no aberration in your fashion.

4. Watch some fashion channels to get updates about latest trend and accordingly you can add spice in your fashion.

5. Don t go always for matching stuff. Try some different combinations. Like if you are wearing dark clothes then wear something light color footwear or accessory. Keep this in mind fashion means something unique you create an.d this will make you debonair.

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6. The last and most important parameter of fashion is attitude. Whatever you wear and carry confidently then it doesn’t matter if others are considering it fatuous. With so much confidence in your fashion they will start following you.